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If a Nobel prize could be awarded for a person who’s work and spirit has inspired thousands of people in an appreciative and life-affirming manner and who’s work and spirit has inspired amazing results for numerous companies, organisations, professional teams and individual professional workers, it has to be our friend, mentor and colleague over many years, Peter Lang, KCC Foundation London. Unfortunately, such an award does not exist.


Therefore, we have decided to do something else to honour Peter Lang and preserve the impact of his lifelong career and work for the future. On Thursday 7th February 2013 we founded the Peter Lang Foundation in order to do this.


We held the founding reception on Friday 15th March 2013 at 16.00 – 19.00 pm kindly sponsored by Rambøll Management/Attractor, Copenhagen, Denmark.



Metalogue Systemic Therapy Journal, Greece

Special Issue Celebrating the Life and Work of Peter Lang

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Spring Memorial Reception in the Honour of Peter Lang and General Meeting at Vibe Strøier’s home

Saturday 29th April 2017
Open 15:00 – 17.00. General Meeting 17.00 – 19800

Slotsbakken 156, 2970 Hørsholm

Remembering Peter and inspiring moments, listening to his inspirations sharing recordings from Summer Schools etc.

Come during the afternoon/early evening and meet other members, your friends and colleagues


Dr. Peter Lang 31st December 1943 - 12th July 2016


Dear Members of the Peter Lang Foundations

Peter died during the early hours of Tuesday July 12th 2016, having Susan, his wife, by his side. He passed away quietly and peacefully in a hospice near to his home where he stayed the last week of his life.The colon cancer he was diagnosed with late last year was not possible to treat by standard procedures due to his Parkinson’s condition. He had life saving surgery two weeks ago only to realize that the cancer had spread.

Both Benedicte Schilling and Jacob Storch visited Peter a few days before, and it was clear that things could only go one way. Now he is in a much better place, in peace and with no pain. May the many gods of this and other worlds bless his soul.



We all knew Peter as this amazingly inspiring person, a beautiful cut philosophic diamond, who always found a way for the light to peep in, even in the darkest of dark places. Peter was gifted in so many different ways, and all who got to know him created a unique bond to him.Peter will be cremated and a ceremony will take place when Susan feels that the time is right.It was Peter’s wish that the funds of the Foundation should be used to make available his published and unpublished material to as many people as possible. A wish we intend to honor. We have already commenced the gathering of material in collaboration with Peter.Peter and Susan were profoundly grateful for the many donations made to the Foundation. Not only did these funds enable him to get optimal treatment of his Parkinson’s, which significantly improved his quality of life, but they also enabled necessary improvements in their home in order that both Peter and Susan could fulfil their wish that Peter could stay longer at home.Thank you Peter, rest in peace.


Jacob Storch & Benedicte Schilling


Follow the news about memorial ceremony etc. and share your thoughts at Friends of KCC at LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/groups/2937229



Honorary Doctor of Science,

Dr. Peter Lang


During the Spring of 2015 lots of appreciative events happened for Peter and Susan. The University of Bedfordshire through Dr. Gail Simon announced back in February 2015 that Peter had been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science. The graduation ceremony took place at the Post Graduate Centre, Luton Campus, University of Bedfordshire, in the beautiful St. Mary’s Parish Church in Luton on Friday 27th March 2015. The Foundation was represented by Benedicte Schilling who took part in this very special day with Peter and Susan.

During the ceremony Professor Michael Preston-Shoot read a beautiful statement as to the reason the award was being made. This was filmed on our Ipad and the whole speech can be seen if you go to the front page of: www.peterlangfoundation.com, schroll down to “Peter Lang” and then open “Doctorate of Honour”. Here, we have also posted some of the pictures from the day. Also, you can watch Peter’s spontanous response where he is giving his thanks for the Degree.


Festschrift Event Day for

Dr. Peter Lang at

Bedfordshire University


The celebration of Peter continued during the next few months. On Saturday 27th June 2015 a special celebration day was arranged in collaboration with Friends of KCC at Unviersity of Bedfordshire, where more than 100 friends of Peter’s, collegues from around the world and former students of Peter & Susan shared a special day were dozens of people made special presentation for Peter.


Festschrift Book for

Dr. Peter Lang

Please Make Your Contribution!

If you wish to contribute to the official book celebrating Peter’s work


You are very welcome to contribute to the Festschrift which is being produced for celebrating and recording the life and work of Peter Lang.

The book will be edited by Dr. Gail Simon and Andreas Juhl.

The book will be a mix of 1) chapters which elaborate on Peter Lang’s theory and practice and 2) also shorter pieces of writing with stories from people.


If you would like to contribute with a chapter or a story to this book, please contact Dr. Gail Simon on e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or phone (+44)7979 856 929




Peter Lang & Elspeth McAdams


The books are on their way. Delays caused by the publicer at the moment. We will let you know soon as the books are available for you to buy.





On this website you can learn more about the purposes of the Peter Lang Foundation 2013. You can learn about the reception, the activities, the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors and the next Ordinary General Meeting. You can also find out how you can become a member of the Foundation. You can find out how you make donations to support the purposes of the Foundation. You can also learn what you can do in order to contribute in the collection and preservation of documentation of Peter Lang’s career, work and inspirational influence all over the world.

We thank you for your interest and welcome you as a member and/or donor for the Peter Lang Foundation 2013.


Yours sincerely,


The Board of Directors of the Peter Lang Foundation 2013  

Jacob Stroch, Benedicte Schilling and Vibe Strøier


Jacob Storch                

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